Published: 2022-01-25

Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic profile of patients with severe psoriasis in Rabat Morocco

Mezni Line, Palamino Hind, El Hadadi Farah, Meziane Mariame, Ismaili Nadia, Benzekri Laila, Senouci Karima


Our paper aims to describe the epidemiological, clinical, and therapeutic aspects of patients with severe psoriasis in Rabat Morocco. We carried out a single-center retrospective, transversal study on 100 cases of severe psoriasis collected between January 2011 and December 2020 at the university hospital ibn Sina Rabat. We included patients with: pustular, erythrodermic, arthropathic forms, and generalized psoriasis vulgaris with a skin surface area>10% and a PASI>15.


Epidemiology, Clinical, Theraupetic aspects

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