Published: 2016-03-19

An intriguing case of Gardner Diamond Syndrome with conversion disorder

Shadab Shireen M. Aref, Nina Desai, Vibhor Pardasani, Mahendra K. Gupta, Shraddha Thakkar


Diamond-Gardner Syndrome or autoerythocyte sensitization is a rare syndrome characterized by spontaneous development of painful edematous skin lesions progressing to ecchymoses over the next 24 hours. Severe stress and emotional trauma always precede the skin lesion. We present here a case of 15 years old girl who presented with multiple ecchymotic patches over the body with conversion disorder. Baseline biochemical, hematological and immunological investigations were normal. Skin biopsy showed no evidence of vasculitis. All routine coagulation investigations were normal. Therefore the diagnosis of Gardner-Diamond Syndrome was made on purely clinical grounds. It was therefore a diagnosis of exclusion. A high index of suspicion and Psychiatric evaluation were necessary to make the diagnosis.


Diamond-Gardner Syndrome, Severe stress, Ecchymotic patches

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