Published: 2016-09-26

Schwanomma arising from mental nerve: a rare entity

Ratna Priya, Nitish Virmani, J. P. Dabholkar


Schwannomas or neurilemmomas are benign tumors of the nerve sheath that are single, well encaspsulated, bening and arise from the perineural schwann cells. They may arise either in central or peripheral nerves. Approximately 25–45% of all schwannomas are present in the head and neck region. The overall incidence of intra-oral schwanommas is 1% with most common site being tongue followed by buccal mucosa and lastly lip and gingival. Here we present a case report of lower lip schwanomma arising from mental nerve. On physical examination, a smooth globular swelling was present in the lower lip on right side, 2 cm × 3 cm in size and of firm, non-tender in character with regular margins. The patient underwent surgery and the lesion was excised intraorally with sublabial incision. Final pathological diagnosis was made as “schwannoma.” The patient has been following up for 6 months and there is no evidence of any recurrence. High index of suspicion is required and Schwannoma should be considered as a differential diagnosis in oral cavity bening lesions. The final diagnosis is based on histopathology report and immunohistochemical analysis. The treatment of these tumors is complete resection. The prognosis of such cases is extremely good, without any recurrence.


Schwanomma, Lower lip, Mental nerve, Complete excision, Histopathology, Prognosis

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