Published: 2015-04-05

Cartap poisoning: an unusual poisoning in North India

Monica Gupta, Dipti Handa, Amit Chaturvedi, Ram Singh, S. S. Lehl


Cartap hydrochloride, an analogue of nereistoxin, belongs to a relatively new class of insecticidal chemistry, and its poisoning is uncommon in India. We describe a 50-year-old farmer who presented to emergency department in altered sensorium and alleged history of accidental inhalation of cartap hydrochloride while working in the fields. The patient improved with conservative management with BAL (British anti-lewisite) without any residual complications. As per the current medical literature; this is probably the first case report of cartap inhalational accidental poisoning. 

Keywords: Cartap hydrochloride, Pesticide, Inhalational poisoning

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