Published: 2017-09-28

Effect of Unani medicine on irritant contact dermatitis: case study

Shahnaz Hafeez Kawoosa, Shafia Mushtaq Allaqaband, Rakhshandah .


Contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction of skin which occurs in response to a substance that comes in contact with surface of skin. Irritant contact dermatitis is one of the type of contact dermatitis, most frequently caused by occupational exposure either as an industrial contact or household contact. In Unani medicine, contact dermatitis has been described as an eruption on skin surface in which initially there is erythema, burning sensation followed by formation of papules along with itching on the affected site. Here we report a case study of 54 years male, working in sewage treatment plant having being diagnosed of Irritant contact dermatitis on palmer surfaces of both hands. Patient was given Unani treatment both oral as well as local and was asked for follow up every week. After 28 days of treatment patient had significant improvement with mild scales and no erythema. 


Allergic reaction, Contact dermatitis, Irritant contact dermatitis

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