Published: 2015-04-05

Iatrogenic jejunal perforation while FJ tube re-insertion: a rare complication of feeding jejunostomy tube reinsertion

Bappaditya Har, Rounak Shinde, Debraj Saha, Bitan Kumar Chattopadhyay


Feeding jejunostomy a good way to deliver enteral nutrition in a number of conditions with a very low complication rate and very cost-effective way to deliver nutrition in our part of country where PEG is not widely available. FJ is commonly done with Foley’s catheter, Ryle’s tube, T-tube. In some situations (clogging/expulsion), we have to change the tube through the mature tract. But, it is upmost important that proper lubrication of the tube & gentle attempt should be made and excessive thrust must not be made. Any difficulty while introduction should be thoroughly evaluated. Here we present a rare complication of FJ tube reinsertion leading to jejunal perforation. 

Keywords: FJ complication, Jejunal perforation, Iatrogenic perforation

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