Published: 2015-07-29

Primary thyroid lymphoma: a comprehensive summary of two cases

Sonam Sharma, Devashis Mandal, Amit K. Yadav, Ashish K. Mandal


Thyroid lymphoma occurs rarely; constituting approximately 1-5% of all thyroid malignancies. Two cases of thyroid lymphoma are presented herewith. Both the patients were elderly females who presented with a rapidly enlarging anterior neck mass without cervical lymphadenopathy, leading to compressive symptoms like dysphagia, stridor and dyspnoea. Thyroid lymphoma is a great diagnostic and therapeutic challenge which requires high clinical suspicion with rapid and accurate diagnostic modalities to detect it as early recognition of this rare malignancy can lead to timely intervention and avoid morbidity associated with extensive surgery as chemotherapy and radiation are the mainstays of its treatment.


Thyroid, Lymphoma, FNAC, Immunocytochemistry, Therapy

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