Lipomatous polyp causing colo-colic intussusception

Berhanetsehay Teklewold, Yisihak Suga, Tena Mamo, Mekete Wondewosen


A lipoma is a benign tumour that arises from an adipose tissue. It is the leading benign soft tissue tumour. It can occur anywhere in the human body. Lipomas in the gastrointestinal tract are quite rare and usually asymptomatic. We report a 70 years old male patient who presented with crampy abdominal pain. CT scan of the abdomen showed colo-colic intussusception. The patient was explored and the finding was colo-colic intussusception with a mass as a leading point. En-block resection done. Histology confirmed the mass as a lipoma.


Colon, Intussusceptions, Lipoma, Neoplasm

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