Published: 2020-10-19

Surgical management of the patient with factor V deficiency: a case report

Duygu C. Ozmus, Dogay N. Ozmus, Yasam K. Akpak, Zeynep Y. Onur, Mujde Canday, Aslihan Yurtkal


Factor V (FV) is a rare bleeding disorder that its incidence is one in a million. Patients with FV deficiency have typically mucosal bleeding and prolonged bleeding after an invasive procedure. There are no certain treatment modalities and there is no product of FV concentrates in the markets. The bleeding diathesis and protect the ovarian viability are a challenge as an opposite situation for treatment options and ovarian preservation after detorsion is controversial. We aimed to provide ovarian blood-stream, control bleeding and protect thromboembolism from the patient with all of our treatment in the light of literature and a few case reports.   


Factor V deficiency, Rare bleeding disorders, Gynaecological surgical management, Ovarian torsion

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