Published: 2016-01-18

Combined surgical and medical management for recurrent cellular angiofibroma of vulva in a young female - a case report

Sasmita Das, Manisha Sahu, Amit K. Adhya, Ranjan K. Sahoo


Cellular angiofibroma of the vulva is a benign tumor of mesenchymal origin in female and male genital tract composed of stromal spindle cells and mixture of adipose tissue, prominently vascular in nature. Here we present a case of recurrent cellular angiofibroma in a 27 years old young woman which was the 5th time recurrence when she presented to us. Diagnosis was confirmed by MRI, histopathology study and immunohistochemistry. With wide excision of tumor followed by GnRH analogue therapy post operatively, she is now tumour free even after 20 months of surgery.


Vulva, Angiofibroma, GnRH analogue, Histopathology

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