Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding childhood pneumonia among the parents: a cross sectional study on childhood pneumonia admitted cases in selected hospitals of Chattogram city, Bangladesh


  • Mohammed Jahedul Islam Department of Public Health, Premier University, Chittagong (PUC), Bangladesh
  • Chowdhury Arjena Yeamin Department of Public Health, Premier University, Chittagong (PUC), Bangladesh
  • Jabin Jannat Jui Department of Public Health, Premier University, Chittagong (PUC), Bangladesh



Childhood pneumonia, Acute respiratory infection, Mortality, Immunization, Bacteria, Viruses, Infectious disease


Background: Every year a large number of children die due to pneumonia, the most common infectious disease among the children. Nowadays it is a major public health concern for the children specially aged under five. The main objective of this study is to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice level of the parents regarding childhood pneumonia. Aim of the study were to improve knowledge, attitude and practices on childhood pneumonia among parents which will be helpful in prevention of associating risk factors and our ability to improve early detection of the disease.

Methods: A cross sectional study has been conducted with 300 parents from the admitted cases in selected hospitals of Chattogram City, Bangladesh. Interviewer administered structured questionnaire was used for data collection using non probability sampling technique. The questionnaire was divided into three sections as socio-demographic profile, level of knowledge, and level of attitude and practices.  

Results: The study found that 83% of parents have knowledge about childhood pneumonia and most of them think that bacteria and viruses are the main causes of pneumonia. Parents mostly appear to private doctors and government hospitals when their children get sick.

Conclusions: The analysis shows that the literacy rate of the parents have been found similar with the findings of other research which is associated with the knowledge level of the parents. Therefore it is recommended to organize health education programs at household or community level or mass education campaigns to disseminate knowledge about childhood pneumonia.


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