Tracking any audio content streamed or played anywhere to its origin or piracy


  • ArulKumaran Chandrasekaran Research and Development, Ozone Towers, Tamil Nadu, India; Research and Development, ethTV Inc, Arizona, USA



Audio piracy, Cryptographic fingerprinting, Internet streaming, Digital rights management, Piracy detection


Background: The unauthorized distribution and consumption of audio content have been on the rise in recent years, posing a significant threat to content creators and streaming partners. In this research, we proposed a revolutionary method that enables the tracking of audio content to its source of piracy by employing cryptographically invisibly fingerprinted technology.

Methods: Our approach utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques to embed inaudible fingerprints within audio frames. These fingerprints serve as unique identifiers that can be traced back to the source of piracy. Our specialized software employs sophisticated algorithms to detect and extract these cryptographic fingerprints from the pirated audio content. The software then compares the extracted fingerprints with a database of authorized sources to determine the origin of the piracy event.  

Results: Through extensive testing and analysis, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our proposed method in accurately tracking audio content to its source of piracy. Our software consistently detects and reports the source, location, and time of the piracy incidents within a matter of minutes.

Conclusions: The research presented in this paper introduces a novel method for tracking audio content streamed or played over the internet to its source of piracy. By employing cryptographically invisibly fingerprinted technology, we can accurately detect and report piracy incidents within minutes, providing content creators and streaming partners with actionable information to combat piracy effectively.


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