Lymphedema with dermatitis neglecta: a rare case report




Psychodermatology, Dermatitis neglecta, Hyperpigmented patch


Psychodermatology, an emerging field in dermatology, investigates the complex relationship between the skin and the mind. Dermatitis neglecta, a rare disorder, manifests as the accumulation of bacteria, perspiration, corneocytes, and sebum in a localised area of skin, leading to the development of a hyperpigmented patch or verrucous plaque. This case study presents dermatitis neglect, where the condition was triggered by a deliberate disregard for personal hygiene. Upon clinical examination, the patient presented with a hyperpigmented scaly patch, which was further confirmed through spirit testing. Alcohol swabbing can be used as a therapeutic and diagnostic approach for this particular case. The medical literature and textbooks provide scarce information on dermatitis neglecta, contributing to the limited understanding of this condition. Consequently, misdiagnosis is frequent, leading to unnecessary and aggressive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Dermatitis Neglecta is frequently misdiagnosed. Raising awareness of this condition is crucial in order to prevent unnecessary interventions. When required, emollients should be used judiciously, and appropriate patient education on maintaining personal hygiene and the application of keratolytics should be emphasized.


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