Need of rural communities to be engaged and empowered for global health and wellness


  • S. Chhabra Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra, India; Akanksha Shishu Kalyan Kendra, Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra, India; Dr. Sushila Nayar Hospital, Melghat, Amravati, Maharashtra, India; Kasturba Health Society, Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra, India



Rural communities, Health, Wellness initiatives, Actions, Engagement, Empowerment


For health and wellness rural communities do many things with whatever they have, use various modalities of actions for prevention, therapy of disorders, maintenance, promotion of health. Also, for everyday life they do various activities which affect their health. Present article is based on observations, information in context of activities by rural people for their health and wellness. Personal observations, experiences were added to information about actions by rural communities for health and wellness. Rural communities use their own wisdom, do many things with whatever they have for living a healthy life. They use various modalities during pregnancy, birth for mother, new born, persons of all ages. Therapies are used for pregnancy care, birth, post birth, other illnesses, injuries and so on. In modern day practice it has become essential to priorities modes of actions for best therapy, best outcome without harmful effects. In addition to various actions for prevention, therapy, maintenance and promotion of health and wellness, communities do other activities which impact their health. This needs sharing for best of global health. Communities use many modalities for therapy, prevention of disorders, rehabilitation and health promotion. Need is of learning from them, adding science to such modes if needed, robust evaluation of community actions with long term outcomes, cost-effectiveness, in various settings globally. World needs to know and use for healthy life and make communities aware of modern medicine, technology wherever essential for global health.


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