Familial Tuberous Sclerosis: a case report

Gajanan A. Surwade, Uddhav S. Khaire, Sagar P. Patil, Mamta K. Mulay, Mangala S. Borkar


Tuberous sclerosis is a neurocutaneous syndrome with an autosomal dominant inheritance. Tuberous sclerosis complex Syndrome caused by mutations of either the TSC1 orTSC2 gene encoding hamartin and tuberin respectively. It is characterized by the development of benign tumors; the most common oral manifestations of TSC are fibromas (angiofibromas), gingival hyperplasia and enamel hypoplasia and the formation of hamartomas in multiple organ systems leading to morbidity and mortality. Familial tuberous sclerosis probably occurs more often than is indicated by the literature: many family members show signs of being carriers of gene for the disease when carefully examined. We report a case of 25 year old female with the features of Tuberous sclerosis complex like seizures, papules over the cheek, shagreen patch, hypomelanotic macule on arm, buttacks, pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis, subependymal nodules and tubers in brain, angiomyolipoma in both kidneys and Cardiac rhabdomyoma. This article reports on a family with documented tuberous sclerosis in three generations.


Tuberous sclerosis, TSC1 or TSC2 gene, Benign tumours

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