Masturbation in the light of Islam and Christianity - allowed or not?


  • Salman Assad Shifa College of Medicine, H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Mujtaba Shahbaz Shifa College of Medicine, H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Yousaf Ajam Shifa College of Medicine, H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan



Autoerotic or sexual asphyxia, Wanking, Sexual immorality


One of the interesting and intention seeking topic most commonly discussed all over the world regarding its allowance in Islam and Christianity. Masturbation has been thought as one of the means for releasing stress. However, wanking frequently because of lust obviously has some side an effect medically about which a lot of research works still needs to be done. Some medical experts believe that it may lead to infertility if performed frequently; with decreased sperm count, volume and density. Islam has forbidden the act of masturbating and considered it an act of sin. The reason it is called a sin is due to the overwhelming probability that the individual could get involved in adultery. Both religions endorse the fact that marriage helps to avoid adultery. However, masturbating temporarily decreases sperm count, that is why, if you visit fertility clinics for sperm analysis, they ask you not to masturbate or have sexual intercourse for more accurate assessment. The only time where reduction in sperm per ejaculate becomes an issue clinically is if a couple is having difficulty to conceive, in which case the first suggestion a physician would make is for the man to abstain from masturbation between sessions of sexual intercourse (if there is any concern that this is contributing to fertility issues). Frequent masturbation may also lead to auto-erotic asphyxia. Autoerotic or sexual asphyxia, a potentially lethal sexual practice, refers to sexual arousal that is produced while reducing the oxygen supply to the brain.


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