DNA sequence change and future physiology of human


  • Ikram Hasan Department of Pharmacy, Chittagong, Bangladesh




DNA sequence, Genetic variation, Inheritence, Endogenous substances


Climate change, environmental change and taking of harmful toxin mixing foods for long time changes human DNA sequence or genetic code. As a result human body get affected and creates different diseases specially cancer, and many people dies. At a certain time, human body adapt this bad situation by DNA sequence change and produce different endogenous chemical substance such as proteins, enzymes and antibodies which protect human body from this bad situation. Nowadays many people have dead by different microorganisms such as ebola virus, malaria, mars, nepa virus and other microorganisms. At a certain time (next 300 to 400 year later), gradually  human body adapt against this microorganism and human body produce different protective endogenous chemical substances (protein, enzyme, antibody) by DNA sequence or genetic code change.


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