Personality characteristics and organizational commitment in Iranian employees


  • Fatemeh Khoeini Deapartement of Public Managment, Firoozkooh Branch Islamic Azad University, Firoozkooh, Iran
  • Bahare Nazarizade Attar Deapartement of Public Managment, Firoozkooh Branch Islamic Azad University, Firoozkooh, Iran



Background: Individual differences in personality can be a source of creativity and the root of many problems in organization. This study aimed to determine the relationship between organizational commitment and personality among staff in South Naft Company.

Methods: This research is descriptive and analytical study. The population study selected from nurses’ of Labbafi hospital according to the Morgan table. Finally 103 persons selected. In the present study data was collected by questionnaires. According the two variables used two standard questionnaires in this study. Questionnaire to measure personality traits “neo” which measures features of the character including mental ill, outward orientation, openness, consensus and commitment to taking knows. Organizational commitment questionnaire “Alain and Pierre” measure the three dimensions of emotional, rational and normative for analyzed using the software-SPSS version 19 software.

Results: There was a relationship between agreement personality and commitment to rational. Also, between externally personality with affective and normative commitment are positively related. Relationship does not exist between openness and commitment to the rational, emotional and normative. There is not relationship between neuroticism personality and affective normative and rational commitment.

Conclusion: There was a relationship between personality characteristics with the three dimensions of organizational commitment. 

Keywords: Organizational commitment, Personality characteristics, Staffs


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