Published: 2017-12-29

A clinical study on genital warts and HIV in Bangladesh

Md. Jakir Hossain, Muhammad Afser Siddiqi, M. Mostafizur Rahman, Khairun Nahar Khan, Ahmed Imtiaj


Background: Like other sexually transmitted diseases (STD), ano-genital warts (AGW) is associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and this study of AGW was conducted among HIV positive and HIV negative patients. The aim of the study was to study the risk factors and clinical presentations of ano-genital warts in HIV infected patients.

Methods: A comparative, cross-sectional, descriptive study of 25 HIV positive and 25 HIV negative (n=50) AGW patients between 15-60 years of both sex was conducted in Northern part of Bangladesh from July 2015 to December 2016.  

Results: Significant association of HIV positivity (p<0.05) was observed between age group of 15-30 years and HIV negative status (p<0.05) in age group of 31-45 years. HIV positive status significantly higher in patients with self-admitted multiple sexual partners (p<0.01), homosexuality (p<0.05) and presentation with anal warts (p<0.01). HIV negative status correlated significantly with single sexual partner admission (p<0.01) and hetero-sexuality (p<0.05). Gender did not show significant association with number of sexual partners or HIV positivity. Extra-genital or only genital warts had no association with HIV status. Co-STDs though more in number in seropositive group, did not show any significant association with HIV positivity (p>0.05). No patient presented with changes of malignancy. Four were adolescents below 19 years. Two patients had atypical presentations of giant condylomata i.e., Buschke-Lowenstein tumour (BLT).

Conclusions: HIV positivity was significantly associated with the risk factors of age below 30 years, homo sexuality and multiple sexual partners. Anal warts were significantly common in HIV positive patients. Four adolescents with AGW underline the need for high risk behaviour counselling. No patient had malignant AGW. Follow up of these patients with human papilloma virus (HPV) sub-typing is necessary. 


Venereal, Comparison, Immunosupression, Peresentation

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