Published: 2017-10-26

A study of mechanical properties of titanium alloy Ti-6al-4v used as dental implant material

Hosam Alegaly Alaraby, Magdi Mohamad A lswalhia, Tajammul Ahmed


Background: Titanium and its alloys are being extensively researched and are applied relatively in different fields of dentistry since 1970s. Its inherent advantages like high strength, ductility, low modulus of elasticity, ease of formation of oxidized surface layer, ability to retain mechanical integrity after autoclave and relatively low toxicity has led to extensive application of titanium and its alloys in implant dentistry.

Methods: The Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V dental implant material used for the present study was procured from Mishra Dhatu Nigam (Midhani, Hyderabad). The mechanically polished samples were etched using Kroll’s reagent (5% hydrofluoric acid+10% nitric acid+85% water). The etched specimens were examined under optical microscope.  

Results: The primary α phase being the low temperature phase, is stable and shows single phase microstructure. The size and volume fraction of the primary α and transformed β phases depend on the solution treatment temperatures and the subsequent rate of cooling.

Conclusions: The success of the treatment modality relies on the knowledge of the properties required to employ them at the right situation. 


Titanium, Alloy, Dental implant, Material

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