Published: 2018-03-27

Some medicinal plant from Kathmandu Valley, Central Nepal

Niroj Paudel, Mukti Ram Aryal, Bishnu Dev Das, Dinesh Chandra Adhikari, Prakash Deep Rai, Rajesh Shrestha


Background: This paper aims to explore distribution pattern of medicinal plants and their uses for the local communities. We have explained here 12 medicinal plants with their identification and medicinal uses.

Methods: The plants were surveyed through the direct visit in a different interval of time after that plant was identified.  

Results: 12 species were described as their medicinal value with identifying Characters. The knowledge of medicinal which provide the potential use for local communities.

Conclusions: The Knowledge of the medicinal plant gives people as community as proper uses about the medicinal, herbs shrubs and tree. Due to this, we must preserve the plant as for future generation.


Distribution, Identify character, Local community, Medicinal plant, Survey

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