Published: 2018-05-22

Establishment of algae as bio-fertilizer for coffee plant

Niroj Paudel, Won Hee Kang


Background: Coffea arabica L. is belongs to the Rubiaceae, is worldwide value for the coffee beverage. This experiment is aims to prove algae as bio-fertilizer in Coffea arabica L. The role of BGA and moss prevent the soil as dry condition which also provide the nutrients for the crops.

Methods: Experiment was conduct in the plastic house in Kangwon National University, using the 2 yrs. Coffea arabica L. seedling dividing into four groups; Algae+NPK, Algae, NPK, Control.  

Results: The height, branching and number of leaves is higher in case of Algae+NPK. The following order is observed in each group; Algae+NPK >Algae >NPK >Control with water.

Conclusions: The algae proves that the positive role of Coffea arabica for growth and development which can be used for the manure in the coffee farm.


Blue green algae, Coffee arabica L., Growth and development, Nutrients, Plastic house

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