Published: 2018-06-23

Oncocytoma of parotid gland: a rare case report

Bikash Lal Shrestha, Pradeep Rajbhandari


Oncocytoma of parotid gland is a rare tumor that mainly affects the age groups of sixth to eight decades. The treatment of this tumor is mainly surgical with either radical or superficial parotidectomy and the prognosis is excellent. In our case report, 72 years old female came with complain of slowly growing, painless swelling on right infra auricular area which was diagnosed as oncocytoma of parotid gland. She was successfully treated with superficial parotidectomy. Since the oncocytoma of parotid gland is very rare tumor and may confuse with other parotid diseases like pleomorphic adenoma, mucoepidermoid carcinoma. As the cure rate of the disease is excellent, so it is advised to make the appropriate diagnosis whenever the case is encountered.


Oncocytoma, Parotid gland, Superficial parotidectomy

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