Published: 2018-12-25

Cu-sil denture: an innovative approach to preserve the few remaining natural teeth: a case report

Divya Goel, Dhaniram Talukder, Pankaj Datta, Geeta Paul, Saurabh Singh


According to De Van, the preservation of what remains is of utmost importance rather than the meticulous replacement of what has been lost. Need based use of unconventional approach is a growing demand in prosthodontics in India. The increasing demands of the patients have led to innovative techniques for fabricating complete dentures. Conventional techniques may provide satisfactory results in most patients but may not be suitable in all cases. Cu-sil denture is one of the transitional dentures which is easy to fabricate, saves time as well as reduces the cost of treatment. These dentures provide a psychological boost to the patients and serve as a viable alternative. They not only promote the alveolar ridge integrity but also help in retaining the proprioceptive ability of the periodontium. This paper presents a case of fabrication of Cu-sil denture in a patient with two teeth remaining in the maxillary arch.


Cu-sil denture, Transitional denture, Alveolar ridge

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