Published: 2019-02-22

Treatment of alopecia areata affecting both eyebrows: case study

Salisa Shafi, Shafia Mushtaq, Shahnaz Hafeez Kawoosa


Safa (alopecia areata) means loss of hairs where ordinarily hair would be found. Safa (AA) is a type of non scaring alopecia that affects males and females equally and occurs in both children and adults. About 2% of the patients are affected and come to outpatient department for care. It is characterized by reversible hair loss most commonly involving the scalp although other parts of head, including eyelashes and beard may also be affected. A patient 16 years old was given Unani medicine for 45 days as local application on lateral aspects of eyebrows twice daily for thirty days and once for later 15 days. New hairs were seen on affected areas after one month, after 45 days normal hairs were seen on affected sites. It can be concluded that Unani medicine is effective in treating alopecia.


Alopecia, Safa, Unani, Eyelashes, Beard

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