Local realism quantum mechanics can be established: a review of the book of quantum mechanics’ return to local realism





Local realism, Quantum mechanics


All the experiments that prove that Einstein is wrong and Bohr won have a serious flaw or loophole that is difficult to overcome — Have to subjectively judge the state of the system before the measurement. Undoubtedly, the establishment of quantum mechanics of local realism is a strong support for Einstein. Many people are dissatisfied with the quantum mechanics of non-local realism and want to establish the quantum mechanics of local realism. But they did not break through the bottleneck. The concept of wave function is widely used in existing quantum mechanics. However, the nature of the wave function is unanswerable. The model of "real wave curling inside the particle" determines that the wave function is the motion equation of localized real wave. The wave mechanics based on such wave functions is quantum mechanics of localized realism. The mathematical formal system of local realism quantum mechanics is the same as the existing one. Explanation of double slit diffraction can be experiment by directional quantization. The explanation system of local realism quantum mechanics is established, and it is guaranteed that this system can also be organically combined with the existing mathematical formal systems of quantum mechanics. Local realism quantum mechanics has all the elements of a valuable new theory, and its birth conforms to the law of theoretical development.


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