Published: 2019-06-27

An unusual giant schwannoma over face diagnosed on FNAC: a case report

Minakashi Chouhan, Mukul Singh, Shweta Sushmita, Juhi Shahab, Rashmi Arora


Schwannoma is a slow growing benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor arising from schwann cells. It is also known as neurilemmoma. Although it is common in the head and neck region, it rarely exceeds 10 cm in size. Usually Schwannomas are not larger than 5 to 6 cm in diameter. Large tumors are uncommon and are found in posterior mediastinum or retroperitoneum. We are presenting an unusual giant cell schwannoma over face (cheek) measuring 12×10 cms in size which caused facial deformity to the patient. The tumor was diagnosed on FNAC where cell block was prepared and IHC was done which showed S-100 positivity. This size schwannoma over cheek site has not been reported in the literature as far our knowledge. Therefore this case is unique for its size over face.


Giant schwannoma, Face schwannoma, Unusual schwannoma, Cell block, FNAC schwannoma, Cheek swelling

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