Published: 2019-08-23

Incompatible foods: an important concept to understand to prevent auto-immune disorders

Sharadendu Bali, Maneshwar Singh Utaal


The emerging field of trophology deals primarily with suitable food combinations and also a few unsuitable food combinations. The science is still in its nascent state and a few things have emerged in terms of which foods should, or should not, be eaten together. But the ancient texts of Indian Medicine are replete with such examples. What’s interesting is that there is a huge theoretical basis behind the concept of Incompatible foods. The science is rooted in the Ayurvedic concept of six tastes and the physiological basis of homeostasis-the doshas, which roughly correspond to the humours as propounded by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates. Inter cultural exchange in modern times of rapid transit has resulted in mixing up of foods and dishes in a haphazard manner, led by gustatory and aesthetic factors rather than immunological ones. This has led to explosion of so-called auto immune and metabolic diseases, because the immunological basis of incompatible food combinations has hardly begun to be researched.


Ayurveda, Food combination, Antagonistic food, Harmful foods, Viruddh-aahar, Autoimmune diseases, Culinary tradition

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