Published: 2019-07-24

Flangeless denture: an innovative technique for management of labial undercut in completely edentulous patient: a case report

Geeta Paul, Dhaniram Talukder, Suprabha Rathee, Ajai Gupta, Mansi Jain, Vipula Mittal


Labial ridge undercut is more commonly seen in maxilla than mandible in completely edentulous individuals and it possess a great threat to the final esthetic outcome. Construction of a labial flange in conventional manner might compromise the facial support and muscles of facial expression, limit function, and compromise aesthetics for a better prognosis, an unconventional approach is needed for the construction of complete denture. This case report describes an innovative, economical, nonsurgical treatment option for fabrication of complete denture in a patient with a prominent labial undercut to enhance the facial aesthetics of the patient.


Flangeless denture, Labial flange, Labial undercut

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