Published: 2019-10-19

Augmented reality as the medical electronic equipment inventory identifier

Frisa Y. Hermawan, Wadianto ., Ernia Susana, Fauzi Ramadani, Muhammad Fauzi


Background: Inventory systems are very numerous and require a long time when rechecking. In doing a shortcut time for checking, it can be done the application of augmented reality.

Methods: This research can be applied to all types and brands of smartphones. The testing was carried out using three different types and brands of smartphones in three conditions: dark rooms, bright room and open spaces for three times for each smartphone. It examines the suitability of displaying asset objects such as Infusion Device Analyzer (IDA-1), Electrical Safety Analyzer (ISA) and Piranha radiology high voltage tester with target objects using existing inventory labels also Barbarian with the target a book cover with the distance 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 cm.  

Results: By using three different types and brands of smartphones: A, B and C, the incompatibility result percentage of the asset object with the target object is obtained. The average of incompatibility result of Smartphone A, B, and C for the ISA asset object is 83%. The average of incompatibility result of Smartphone A, B, and C for the IDA asset object is 71%, The average of incompatibility result of Smartphone A, B, and C for the Piranha asset object is 36%, For the whole result for Barbarian object asset is 100%.

Conclusions: Making augmented reality has been successfully carried out with 3D models but there is a discrepancy between the appearance of asset objects with the target object except for the book cover and barbarian.


Augmented reality, Medical electronic equipment, Inventory, Identifier

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