Analyzing the large number problem and Newton’s G via a relativistic quantum loop model of the electron


  • William Sydney Oakley NanoScale Storage Systems, Inc. (aka NS3)



Large numbers, Gravity, Quantum loop electron model


The long standing problem of large numbers ~ 1044 in physics is addressed by analyzing a conceptual electron model whereby a single photon propagates adjacent to a closed space-time metric of toroidal geometry. The quantum loop based model generates the major particle characteristics: a magnetic dipole, a radial electric field, and a gravitational effect consistent with the electron rest mass. The large number value obtained by this analysis closely matches that from empirical data and clarifies the nature of Newton’s constant, GN. The particle concept provides a basis from which development of a detailed electron model should be possible.


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William Sydney Oakley, NanoScale Storage Systems, Inc. (aka NS3)



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