Published: 2020-04-21

Post thyroidectomy skin sinus formation

Yisihak Suga, Berhanetsehay Teklewold, Netsanet Mengesha, Melese Gebeyehu


Thyroid surgery is frequently complicated by hematoma collection, nerve injury, hypothyroidism and rarely infections but persistent discharge from the gland is unusual. We report a case of persistent sinus discharge from the thyroid of the patient who underwent thyroidectomy 5 years back. The patient had persistent discharge from the wound site along with recurrent swelling all the years afterward. Fine needle aspiration cytology proved it was recurrent papillary cancer. Swab culture from discharge showed no growth. Completion thyroidectomy with functional lymph node dissection was done and specimen was not harbouring any foreign body and biopsy showed recurrent papillary cancer. Although post thyroidectomy sinus discharges are usually secondary to foreign body or chronic inflammation like tuberculosis, the tumour itself can be considered as a cause.


Post thyroidectomy, Sinus, Papillary cancer

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