Published: 2020-03-24

Impact of different centroid means on the accuracy of orthometric height modelling by geometric geoid method

Oluyori P. Dare, Eteje S. Okiemute


Background: Orthometric height, as well as geoid modelling using the geometric method, requires centroid computation. And this can be obtained using various models, as well as methods. These methods of centroid mean computation have impacts on the accuracy of the geoid model since the basis of the development of the theory of each centroid mean type is different. This paper presents the impact of different centroid means on the accuracy of orthometric height modelling by geometric geoid method.

Methods: DGPS observation was carried out to obtain the coordinates and ellipsoidal heights of selected points. The centroid means were computed with the coordinates using three different centroid means models (arithmetic mean, root mean square and harmonic mean). The computed centroid means were entered accordingly into a Microsoft Excel program developed using the Multiquadratic surface to obtain the model orthometric heights at various centroid means. The root means square error (RMSE) index was applied to obtain the accuracy of the model using the known and the model orthometric heights obtained at various centroid means.  

Results: The computed accuracy shows that the arithmetic mean method is the best among the three centroid means types.

Conclusions: It is concluded that the arithmetic mean method should be adopted for centroid computation, as well as orthometric height modelling using the geometric method.


Geoid, Centroid, Arithmetic, Root mean square, Harmonic, Mean, Orthometric height

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