Published: 2020-04-21

A peculiar case of cancer en cuirasse in adenocarcinoma rectum

Parul Gupta, Ashish Nigam, Anil K. Dhull, Arpit Mittal


Cancer en cuirasse in a case of primary adenocarcinoma rectum is an exceedingly rare phenomenon which is scarcely seen in isolated case reports only. It is a specific morphological variant of cutaneous metastasis characterised by diffuse induration and oedema of cutis which is studded with carcinomatous lesions. Cutaneous metastases often occur in elderly individuals in their sixth decade or later. Herein we present a case of carcinoma en cuirasse arising in a young female who was operated for adenocarcinoma rectum.


Cancer en cuirasse, Cutaneous metastasis, Adenocarcinoma rectum

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