Published: 2021-01-22

COVID 19: a personal account of a physiotherapist

Vandana Dua, Puneet K. Dua


Amidst the growing tentacles of coronavirus SARS2 in the densely populated Delhi (India), the healthcare workers and other essential service providers are working day and night to keep the city going. All are working with a fear, a fear of getting entrapped in the tentacles any moment. Here is a personal account of myself, a healthcare worker who got entrapped, thankfully not getting strangulated, having recovered early without getting trolled physically but certainly, psychologically, socially and emotionally. It is my first person account as being a patient myself, second person account as a caretaker of my family and a third person account as a therapist to my patients. Also, a note of physiotherapeutic management of COVID-19 is included.



Chest physiotherapy, Coronavirus, First person account, Healthcare worker, Critical care

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