COVID-19: unprecedented challenges for Indian pharmaceutical industry and pharma emerging markets


  • Abhishek Dadhich School of Allied Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Management, Delhi Pharmaceutical sciences and Research University, Delhi, India
  • Nirmal Gurbani Rajasthan Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs and Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation, Government of Rajasthan, India



COVID-19, Pandemic, Pharmaceutical supply chain, Current pharmaceutical research trend, Access to medicine, Intellectual property right


WHO has declared the present outbreak of a new corona virus disease (COVID-19) as a global pandemic. The impact of novel COVID-19 epidemic is uncertain and unpredictable, which is also a challenging phase for the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. The rationale of this article is to compile existing research and published data and identify the various challenges among the pharmaceutical sector in India and other developing countries. To overcome from present epidemic effects such as increase in medicine price, disruption in the pharmaceutical supply chain, balancing between IPR and access to innovation and regulation on counterfeit medicine in developing countries, the certain possible strategies and solutions are discussed. The present article also emphasized the solidarity and global cooperation among developing countries to strengthen the pharmaceutical operations across India and other developing countries to meet the current demand during COVID-19 pandemic.


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