Published: 2021-06-22

Primary hydatid cyst of the psoas adherent to the aortoiliac axis: a real therapeutic challenge

Anwar Rahali, Rahal Mssrouri, Marouane Baiss, Abderrahmane Mansouri, Hamid Mohamed, Jalil Mdaghri, Khalid Lahlou, Said Benamr, Abdellatif Settaf


Hydatidosis of the psoas is an unusual entity even in countries endemic to hydatid disease. We reported a rare case of hydatid cyst of psoas in a 54 year old man without pathological history. The atypical clinical presentation and the uncharacterizable radiology have demonstrated the essential role of surgery and histological analysis in the management of this type of lesion. The patient underwent a resection of the protruding dome with drainage of the residual cavity  because of the anatomical relationships of this hydatid cyst. Through this case and literature review, we aimed to discuss the diagnostic means, the natural course of the disease, the differential diagnoses as well as the therapeutic options for a hydatid cyst of the psoas.


Hydatid cyst, Psoas, Diagnosis, Surgery, Case report

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