The principle and application of experimental method for measuring the interaction energy between electrons in atom


  • Runsheng Tu National Special Steel Product Quality Supervision Inspection Centre,



Nuclear charge number, Ionization energy, Electron pairing energy, Interaction between electrons, Perturbation method


In the calculation of the energy of atoms and molecules, it is very difficult to calculate the interaction energy (especially the electron pairing energy). A way to solve this problem has been found- The experimental principle of measuring the electron pairing energy is found, a simple and practical method to calculate the interaction energy and atomic energy is invented. The process of getting this kind of method is introduced. At last, the energy of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other atoms are calculated by this method. By using this method, the energy of the atom can be calculated by atomic number, and the accuracy can reach more than 95%. Although the technology content of this method is not high, but its practical value is high. The research results presented in this paper have three highlights: (a) The relationship between “the interaction energy of electron-electron, atomic energy” and the nuclear charge number have been summed up; (b) the experimental principle of measuring the interaction energy of electrons is established; (c) the fitting calculation method of quantum mechanics is invented. These highlights have enlarged human knowledge. I solved the problem of computing the interaction energy between electrons in atoms. A simple and effective method for calculating atomic energy is summarized. These techniques are important findings in scientific research, not only increase the knowledge of human beings, but also have broad application prospects. Past times, calculation of the interaction energy between electrons in atoms is a headache. Now the trouble is finally eliminated. The phenomenon-law of the relationship between electron pairing energy and ionization energy has a strong practical. This phenomenon-law reflects the electronic interaction and the mechanism of the electronic structure is the cradle of gestation of new theory. Please note: There is neither lowliness nor nobleness in the law of nature; As long as there is a new discovery, that is, there are the contributions to mankind (have increased human knowledge). The value of the research results is the key to its application prospects.


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